Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper
Izwi is the Cato Manor Community Newspaper written by local journalists to keep residents informed of developments in this Durban, South Africa, post-apartheid urban renewal project.
Izwi is sponsored by the European Union
 Sponsored by the European Union
Published bt the C.M.D.A.
Cato Manor Development Association
Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper

The Izwi community newspaper is compiled and written by Cato Manor-based journalists and published seven times per annum by the Cato manor Development Association as part of their communications programme to keep people in Cato Manor and the surrounding neighbourhoods informed about the development.

The newspaper is currently funded by the European Union and 17 000 copies are distributed door to door throughout Cato Manor including the informal settlements of Cato Crest, Dunbar Road, Chesterville and Manor Gardens. Distribution is done via a network of community distributors.

Izwi, which means "The Voice", has been published since March 1995 and has been successful in raising awareness and understanding of development issues among Cato Manor communities and surrounding residents.

A great deal of interest exists amongst residents and businesses which lie adjacent to the Cato Manor complex and Izwi provides these readers with essential information about new roads and services which are being established. In addition, it has proved an invaluable vehicle for providing strategic information to the beneficiaries of the development as well as gauging attitudes and perceptions amongst the recipient communities.

Izwi can now be subscribed to on-line. By clicking on the link below your e-mail address will be placed on a mailing list that will automatically advise you each time a new edition of Izwi is published on this web site.

You can also advertise in Izwi and your ad will also appear on-line. For further details about advertising please contact Chris at 303-6466 or Shelley on 261-6640. See Izwi for rates.

Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper