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April 2002
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Wiggins Primary enters
computer world

Wiggins Primary School children receiving their first computer lesson at their newly established computer centre.

March 14 will be a date to remember for the pupils of Wiggins Primary School children. It is a day when 30 computers were donated to the school, and marks the beginning of a journey in the world of information technology.
All the computers are brand new, and come loaded with relevant software programmes.
The computers were donated by Unilever, Comparax Africa, Dimension Data and The Mercury after teaching staff at Wiggins responded to an article published by The Mercury. The school had to have a functional governing body, secure premises, have electricity, a telephone and adequate space to install the computers.
Speaking at a function to formally unveil the gift, Wiggins Primary Principal Y.S. Doodat said: “The computers are going to change our lives forever. It will improve the children’s learning skills and keep them abreast of modern computer technology.”
The principal also said that once the school had established the computer facilities properly they would invite the community to make use of the computers.

Peter Robinson resigns from the CMDA Board

Professor Peter Robinson, current Deputy Chairperson and the longest serving member of the CMDA Board of Directors, has resigned. He has relinquished his post to Soya Govender, Dean of the Faculty of Science at ML Sultan Technikon.
Peter became involved in the development of Cato Manor since the days of the Cato Manor Forum in the early 1990s. When the CMDA was turned into a non-profit organisation he was elected to serve as its first chairperson.
Times were turbulent, Cato Manor was experiencing land invasions and the CMDA was thrown in at the deep end. Post-apartheid South Africa ushered in new set of rules for governance. A mandate to better the lives of the Cato Manor communities became priority number one. The needs of the old Indian communities which were dispossessed of their land had to be balanced with the needs of land invaders who were claiming a stake in the land which they deemed to be theirs historically.
A firm but sympathetic leader was required to steer the project, and Peter’s understanding of South Africa’s political dynamics as well as his professional expertise enabled him to do the job admirably.
Peter, who is a Professor of Town Planning and Architecture at the University of Natal, will not be entirely lost to the Cato Manor project as he is heading a research and documentation project commissioned by the European Union.
“It is rewarding to look back and see how much progress has been made in Cato Manor since the early 1990s,” Peter told IZWI. “We are now starting to achieve some of the original goals of making Cato Manor a highly sought after place to live, where people have access to a range of opportunities and where economic development projects are starting to take off. Along the way we have encountered and overcome many obstacles. At times the future of the project looked gloomy, but the CMDA, Board members and the people of Cato Manor always provided the stimulus to carry on.

Peter Robinson bids farewell to Snowy Dlamini, CMDA Board Secretary.
Below: The new Deputy Chairman
of the CMDA’s Board of Directors, Soya Govender.

“I view my resignation as simply re-positioning myself within the Cato Manor project. The task of documenting the experiences of Cato Manor is an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to it,” said Peter.
The purpose of the project is to reflect on and record all the experiences of the Cato Manor project so that lessons can be made available, in a well documented form, to others involved in large scale urban re-development projects. These lessons will not only be confined to Durban and South Africa, but can be used by international communities.
According to the Board’s secretary, Snowy Dhlamini, other Board members ‘reluctantly’ accepted Peter’s resignation and wished him well for the future. They acknowledged his outstanding leadership, commitment and loyalty to the Cato Manor project since its inception almost ten years ago.


Mduzi beat unemployment
by being creative

Local economic development update

The CMDA after 2003

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