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February 2002
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Dunbar Road ready for development

Both the New and Old Dunbar Road communities have agreed to development proposals that have been presented to them by the project management team. The team, which is made up of Metro Housing officials and the CMDA, has speeded up the construction schedule.

Queuing for water will soon be a thing of the past for Dunbar residents.

The project will deliver 1 316 single and double-storey housing units. Workshops with communities are being held to provide them with relevant information about the development.
It is anticipated that construction of the first housing units will commence in May this year. Approximately 240 families have already been relocated to the North and South housing project in Booth Road to make way for the construction of services. Another 145 units will be built later this month to allow for more relocations.
Construction of a loop road which will link Wiggins Road and Dunbar Road will begin in March.
Local contractors will get an opportunity to participate in the project. They will undergo a screening process to determine their strengths and weaknesses with the aim of assisting contractors who need help.
"More often than not you will discover that some contractors have construction skills only and lack administrative and production skills. The aim will be to develop them so that they can apply for tenders competitively," said project manager Lawrence Pato.
Work on the processing of sales will start soon.
Residents are asked to be co-operative and come forward with the relevant information when required to avoid delays.

Project Manager (left) Lawrence Pato, Nivan Sukan of Devru Construction and Community Liaison Officer Sydney Ngidi are part of the team which is bringing a better way of life to the Dunbar community.

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