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April 2001
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Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper
Family visited by tragedy

Members of the Khomo family in mourning: (from left) Grandma Khomo, Zanele Khomo and Duduzile Khomo.
The loss of one family member is a very painful experience to bear. But the loss of three family members is more than anyone can take - rich or poor. The Khomo family of CC2882 in Cato Crest has had the misfortune of losing three family members in the space of a month. All three of them died in separate incidents.

First it was Asanda who was still-born. Asanda’s father passed away in December last year, leaving behind Zanele, Asanda’s mother with the pregnancy.
Next followed young Nomzamo. Her death was caused by electrocution. She was passing by a house when she was electrocuted . It would appear as if she came in contact with a corrugated iron structure which had too much electric current because of an uninsulated electric connection. She had been sent on an errand by her aunt.
The family became worried when she did not return in time. Sending someone to search for her she was found sprawled on the ground with blood oozing from her mouth and her body covered in blisters.
According to family members, it was difficult to ascertain where the wires led to as they were running in in different directions.
As if that was not enough, death struck another blow when it claimed the life of Sipho (Nomzamo’s uncle). Sipho was responding to the news that tragedy had visited his house. He did not make it to Cato Crest. The car he was travelling in capsized.
As if an evil spell has been cast on the family, Themba (Nomzamo’s father) lost all his weekly wages to pick-pockets. He had been hired to do a week’s job at the Bluff.
Grief stricken Duduzile Khomo said: “I really don’t know why this is happening to me. But it hurts. I can’t cope. I rely on the occasional odd job and my monthly pension to support my family. It is nearly a month since we lost Asanda. She is still not buried.”

Bellair market opens 2 April

By the time you receive your copy of IZWI the Bellair Market will be busier than a bee hive. The 2nd of April has been declared as the official opening date. All problems that have delayed the opening of the market have been resolved. Restructuring at the Unicity made it impossible to determine which division the market would fall under. The remaining contractual obligations such as the electrical installation to all trading stalls will be finalised at the end of March. The selection process is nearing completion. Most applicants have been informed about the outcome of the selection process. The market will be a boost to the economic viability of Cato Manor emerging businesses.

CMCO Gears itself for better service

Members of the CMCO during the first strategy planning session held in Scottburgh.

It is almost two years since the Cato Manor Community Organisation (CMCO) was founded. There is a perception that CMCO has had no impact on the development of Cato Manor. When the organisation was formed it was expected to have formed alliances with service providers and act independently.
IZWI heard that the CMCO was heading for Scottburgh for their second strategy planning session so we thought it was time for an interview. The following are the excepts of a conversation between IZWI and Mlondi Manzini the secretary of the CMCO.
IZWI: It is two years since the organisation was founded. Have you achieved any milestones?
Mlondi: It is almost true that we have had no impact as an organisation. This is the reason we retreated to Scottburgh to have a careful introspection of ourselves as an organisation. Part of the problem is that we lacked a clear strategy that serves as a guideline.
IZWI: Where did you go wrong?
Mlondi: We lacked capacity and our vision was not clear.
IZWI: Where do you move from there?
Mlondi: Before the end of March we would have drawn a programme of action for the six sub structures and then thereafter hold a series of capacity building workshops. These workshops are designed to make us more efficient as an organisation. The workshops will be held over a six month period of time and will include leadership skills training. The objective is for everyone to understand their exact responsibility in their chosen position.
IZWI: What issues do you wish to tackle, what is it that you wish to achieve and how will the common resident gauge your successes?
Mlondi: Our focus will be on development related issues. Our mission statement has a holistic approach. We will not be biased towards one issue. We need to find solutions to the unemployment rate, the slow pace of housing development. Crime is also affecting everyone. We will strengthen our relationships with the Community Policing Forums and other service providers. We are not visible enough. A strategy to re-introduce ourselves to the community will take place.
Our term of office expires in 12 months time. We hope to have had an impact by then. The gauge for people to use would be the speed with which development in all spheres of life is delivered.
In conclusion we will go back and restructure our sub committees. They have been our greatest downfall. As you know there are 28 members in the executive structure. Almost every area in Cato Manor is represented. The sub-committees are made up of six members of the various communities. The sub-committees are not manned. They have no policies therefore they cannot execute their duties in a satisfactory manner.

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