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September 2001
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Boost for building material manufacturers
Awesome Africa
Music Festival

Bhekikusasa Block Manufacturers from Cato Crest
could soon find themselves supplying their blocks
to the building materials distribution centre.

KZN’s renowned S’cathamiya singer Madala Kunene teamed up with Hands Across from Sweden to perform at the Awesome Africa Music Festival held at the Cato Crest Multi-Purpose Community Hall.

The establishment of a building materials distribution centre and support unit is set to further boost the economic development of Cato Manor.

The distribution centre is good news for local building materials manufacturers who up to now have been struggling to market and sell their products. The centre will function as a place where building materials are stockpiled for distribution to small businesses and to larger contractors. It will have a marketing arm which will seek out contracts and outlets for large quantities of building materials, such as building blocks, windows and door frames.
The centre will have access to transport, and thus will be able to collect materials from suppliers and deliver to customers who may not have transport. It is proposed that the cost of transport be included in the price paid for the materials.
A quality control service will ensure that SABS standards are applied. Materials such as blocks will be graded according to quality, and payment for these products will be dependent on quality.
“We think the creation of the centre will increase job creation opportunities, which is the key to the success of a local economic development plan. If we are to be sincere about creating an atmosphere that is conducive for a healthy market, we must provide an opportunity for the small individual producers in Cato Manor to compete with larger producers from outside Cato Manor,”said Wim Eising, CMDA’s manager for Local Economic Development.
The building materials distribution centre is one of a number of developments which are set to kickstart Cato Manor’s economy, including the industrial park in Edwin Swales and the industrial workshops that will be established in Booth Road.

Tata ma chance,
tata’ma millions

Chesterville residents line up to place their numbers in the recently installed LOTTO machine. The LOTTO machine is situated at the old Chesterville clinic along Mahlathi Road. The machine is administered by Sizakancane
Co-operative. If you feel lucky, you can place your numbers anyday from 8 am to
6 pm. E-Card users will be able to buy their electricity at Sizakancane as from November.


As from the first week of December, the Cato Manor Development Association will be relocating to the Intuthuko Junction, 750 Francois Road, Cnr Cato Manor and Francois Roads, Cato Manor.
Telephone, fax and postal address remains the same.

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