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March 2001
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Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper

Bellair Market
opens for business

The Bellair Market is open for business, and Cato Manor residents are encouraged to do their shopping there to support local businesses.

“Up, up and away!” Traders at the Bellair Market
celebrate the opening..

All stalls have been allocated but they have not all been occupied due to electricity supply problems.
Traders have also voiced their disappointment with regards to the removal of solid waste and the lack of electricity supply. “Ever since the market opened two week ago no-one has bothered to remove the rubbish that has accumulated. We don’t really know who is responsible, but come rent time we will be expected to pay,” said a trader who wishes to remain anonymous.
According to Wim Eising, manager for Local Economic Development at the CMDA, the market is now the responsibility of the Informal Trade Department of the Metro Council. The good news is that the Department will provide a superintendent, who will be based at the market, to attend to all queries relating to tenancy problems and to oversee the operation of the market.
Some traders have expressed concern that business at the market is slow, but this is probably due to the fact that it is still new and many people may be unaware of its existence.
Members of the public are encouraged to start shopping at the market for their daily fruit and vegetable supplies. This will not only provide income to the traders, but it will also encourage investment in Cato Manor.
People wishing to liaise with the Informal Trade Department should contact Louis Mthembu at this number: (031) 332 5671.


Sipho Gumede, South Africa’s best guitarist,
entertained fans at the Easter jazz festival
held at the Chesterville sports grounds.
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Small Business Fair is back

The second Small Business Fair will be held in Cato Manor on Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1.
After the successful staging of the first Small Business Fair in Cato Manor last year, CMDA’s Local Economic Development Unit has promised to make this year’s event bigger and more exciting. Small businesses that did not get an opportunity to showcase their products last year will get enough time to prepare this year.
Event organisers McIntosh, Xaba & Associates are putting the final touches to preparations for this year’s event.
The Fair is seen as an opportunity to expose emerging businesses to other entrepreneurs, financial institutions and training providers. It will also provide local businesses with an opportunity to exhibit their wares and talents to people from all over the Durban metropolitan area. The Fair will include workshops on various topics geared to help small business to grow bigger and better. Although the venue for the event has not been finalised, indications are that it will be staged at the Bellair Road Park behind the newly opened traders’ market. The venue is suitable for attracting passing traffic and is easily accessible.
The Fair is open to all producers, retailers and service providers. Entrepreneurs wishing to participate in the Fair should contact Kerry Philp on 3014331or Mxolisi Mwandla on 261 6640 for more information.

Arthur Dlodlo gets top post in SANCO

In the hot seat: Arthur Dlodlo of KwaMasixhawulane
has been elected as Provincial Secretary
of the South African Civics Organisation.

Arthur Dlodlo has been elected provincial secretary of the SA National Civics Association (SANCO) at the organisation’s national conference.
Arthur is no stranger to leadership positions having been involved in one way or another with political, community and development organisations for most of his life.
He has served as a board member of the CMDA, chairperson of the CMCO, executive member of the Wiggins Housing Committee and chairperson of the Chesterville Residents Association.
He was first elected to SANCO as regional secretary, representing Wiggins 1 (KwaMasixhawulane) SANCO branch.
The name SANCO will ring a bell with many people, especially with media watchers. It is not so long ago that this organisation openly challenged the incumbent government and threatened to divorce itself from the tripartite alliance if government did not speedily deliver basic services to the poor.
SANCO is currently engaged with government at local level on issues relating to rates and the efficient provision of municipal services.
SANCO is a non political, umbrella body of many community-based civic organisations. It was formed in 1992 to give civic organisations a stronger voice and more bargaining power.
The organisation has been mandated to fight poverty and racism. Its primary objective is to ensure that basic needs are delivered to the people by local government structures. “There are discussions with the water department to have them implement the government ‘free water system’ as soon as possible. There seems to be a delay in providing people with this free 200 litres of water a day. We are urging the department to quicken the programme,” Arthur told IZWI.
Meanwhile the conference resolved to urge SANCO members to participate in community-based structures such as policing forums, school governing bodies, ward development committees and transport committees; to develop clear programmes on HIV\AIDS; to promote African Renaissance; to fight against abuse of foreign nationals; and to uphold its unconditional support for the ANC-led government.

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