The Cato Manor Development Association (CMDA) is a Section 21 (not for gain) Company
whose role has been clearly formulated as the overall facilitator of the Cato Manor development.

The CMDA acts as agent to:

Functions of the CMDA:

  • to formulate policies specific to the development of Cato Manor and the requisite plans and programmes necessary to guide it

  • to identify and programme the resources necessary for the implementation of the development, and to identify and mobilise public and private sector agencies with the capacity to implement it

  • to develop, manage and maintain systems to co-ordinate the activities of the agencies involved in implementation

  • to establish and operate an information system to monitor and report on the progress of the development.

The CMDA's mission is to ensure that Cato Manor is rapidly developed into an holistic, sustainable, quality urban environment, in a manner that leads to the generation and redistribution of economic opportunities, builds local capacity and improves the standard of living of the poor. The CMDA endeavours to do so in a manner that is innovative, replicable, environmentally sound, non-discriminatory, has a positive influence on the development of the metropolitan area and will generate models for future urban development projects.

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