Urban Reconstruction & Cato Manor;
Reflections of a Best Practice

International Conference,
ICC, Durban South Africa
22 - 24 January 2003

Press Release

The Cato Manor Development Association (CMDA) has been systematically documenting the experiences of the UN-Habitat Best Practice 2002 Cato Manor reconstruction project in Durban South Africa. They have come up with some good material, ranging from urban management, public safety, to the type of staff to employ. On the basis of this research, it has been decided to hold a high level conference of international specialists on 22-24 January 2002 in Durban. The purpose is to draw on the Cato Manor experience to explore some of the critical issues facing urban reconstruction in South Africa.

The CMDA has secured the participation of Professor Sir Peter Hall, regarded as the world's leading academic/practical town planner, and Professor Ivan Turok, one of world's leading experts on area based management, to provide an international perspective and benchmark.

Should you be interested in attending the conference contact Alison Mortimer at the following address: altimate@icon.co.za

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