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Three New Schools Open In Cato Manor Today
Three schools situated in Cato Manor will open their doors today for the intake of pupils for the 2000 academic year.  A primary school situated in Chesterville Extension (west of the N2 freeway) will open to accommodate learners from the surrounding new housing projects that have recently been inhabited by new residents.  The school is funded by the European Union (R3.4million), a major contributor to the Cato Manor development and consists of 630 pupils housed in 18 classrooms that have been transferred from the old H P Ngwenya Primary School in Chesterville.

The new school provides learners with updated and modern facilities including a library and a multi-purpose laboratory for the teaching of technical subjects.  A further two schools which form part of the Cato Crest Multi-Purpose Centre, also funded by the European Union, will also open today.  The Multi-Purpose Centre consists of a secondary and primary school, a library, community hall and sportsfields (R15 million).  The schools will accommodate approximately 700 learners.

Since the inception of the Cato Manor project five schools have been constructed in the area providing local labour opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled workers as well as a number of new teaching posts.


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