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Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper
September/October 2002
Izwi - Cato Manor Community Newspaper
September/October 2002
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European Union
 Sponsored by the European Union
Published by the Cato Manor
Development Association
Cato Manor Development Association
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Launch of Cato Manor
Business Parks
The Cato Manor Development Project is about to enter its final stage with the implementation of the Business Park projects located at three sites in Booth Road West and Central and in Edwin Swales. The community represented by the Cato Manor Community Organisation and the Cato Manor Development Association are currently creating a Section 21 Company that will manage investments channeled to the Business Park either by way of lease rentals or sale of land.

Zoning of these industries has been suited for the establishment of small manufacturing industry complexes which are sensitive to pollution and with no excessive noise in the area. This zoning has also been chosen in response to the needs of the surrounding established businesses that will be attracted to these projects.

Community leaders have all pledged their support, and all realise the need, not only for a speedy completion of the projects, but also for full cooperation by all concerned. The community is expected to come through employment opportunities when the laying of the infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water, and construction of the top structures, begins.

Further opportunities are expected through subcontracting for service provision such as safety and security and cleaning services and even horticulture.

For those local residents who have been trained and show
potential for a higher level of entrepreneurial development, further help will be forthcoming to enable them to play a role in the Business Parks. In particular, linking emerging entrepreneurs with established manufacturers has been identified as the most efficient way of raising economic standards among local residents

The key strategic objectives of the development of Cato Manor are to create an efficient and productive "city within a city" targeting principally the poor and marginalised residents of the area; to provide housing and security of tenure; to reduce existing infrastructure and service disparities; and to establish safe and secure living environments with ample economic opportunities.

In furtherance of its objectives, Cato Manor Development Association is providing a unique opportunity for the establishment of businesses and light industry in strategically located business parks in Cato Manor.

These business park projects are part of the local economic development programme being funded by the European Union.

The Cato Manor Development Association will, through its project managers for the projects, Project Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd, invite proposals from parties who are interested in developing a site or sites in the Business Park. Such invitations will be published in the Press and other media and through wide representation of consultants in the property industry.

Proposals would be welcomed from developers and end users of property for sites in the Business Park. CMDA will consider all such proposals on their merits and will entertain proposals based on the Freehold purchase of the land, or tenure based on long term leases. Proposals designed to maximise income streams from property to fund public benefit organisations under CMDA's social projects will also be welcomed.

CMDA is committed to increasing job opportunities for previously disadvantaged people and following a policy of empowerment of emergent entrepreneurs in all projects with which it is associated. With regard to the creation of job opportunities in respect of developments in the Business Park, a target has been set of one hundred and fifty new jobs per one hectare of developable land. The evaluation process of each proposal will take account of the extent to which the proposal conforms to such policies.

The Developers recognise the need for effective security for occupants of the Business Park and will provide for the perimeter to be well secured. The day to day security services within the Park will be a responsibility of an association of lot owners that will be formed to attend to common services.

The people of Cato Manor are given the opportunity to participate in these developments. Those who are interested are invited to complete the "Expression of Interest", and return it to CMDA.





Zoning Business & light industrial premises
Coverage National Building Regulations
Floor Area Ratio 1.5
Height 15m
Minimum Street
Building Line Nil
Side & Rear Space Nil
On Site Parking 1 : 30m2 gross floor area (industrial)
1 : 15m2 gross floor area (commercial)
Loading & Off -
To council satisfaction

I would like more information regarding opportunities in:

Purchase of Land for Development by you.
Lease of Land for Development by you.
Rental of premises for operation of your business.
Operate a business.

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