New Development Committee In Cato Crest


A new development committee, known as the Cato Crest Development Forum, has taken over the reins of development in the area. This 23-member Forum was elected at a public meeting attended by about 100 people, replacing the old Cato Crest Development Committee.

The main reason given for the replacement of the old committee was that it had become in-effective as its members were no longer active, and had overstayed its welcome.

"People had lost confidence in the old structure because it failed to bring development to the people," said Forum chairman, Conrad Buthelezi.

He said that the Forum is a representative structure which incorporates all the committees in the area, such as the taxi association, religious bodies, traditional healers, community policing forum, political bodies, small business and community health workers.

"We strongly believe that the incorporation of all these bodies will make the forum effective," said Conrad.

On the relationship that this committee will have with the major role players in Cato Manor, he said: "Nothing is going to change, we are still going to maintain all lines of communication with the CMDA, the professional teams and everyone who has our best interests at heart.

"I would also like to appeal to the community to co-operate with the new structure so that we can bring developments closer to us. However we cannot make promises as we rely on organisations like the CMDA, the City Council and the provincial government for funding and the realisation of our dreams. But we can promise to be transparent and update the community about new development every step of the way," he continued.

The Forum plans to meet with its constituents once a month. The chairman issued a stern warning that members of the Forum who fail to attend meetings would forfeit their membership.

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