European Union Experts For Cato Manor


The European Union (EU) is assisting the development of Cato Manor. It will spend some R120 million on schools, clinics, community halls, sports centres and on infrastructure such as roads, drainage, sewerage and water supply. It has also provided two advisers to assist with the development process in Cato Manor for a period of three years. Petros Kanas, a town planner, and Hari Politopoulos, an economist, both come from an international firm of consultants based in Greece known as Doxiadis Associates.

Petros has spent more than a decade working in urban and regional development projects around the world. He recently completed a housing project in Indonesia for 500 000 people.

He is a fervent supporter of direct, frank discussions with the people in Cato Manor. "It is the only way for residents to get a product closer to their needs. Specialists and technicians should translate into actions the people's desires and expectations, within their own limits," said Petros.

Hari also has a vast amount of experience in the development field and has spent more than five years in Africa. "Durban is the best post I have ever held, although I find the surrounding poverty shocking and the inequality inhuman. Cato Manor is an exciting project. Making a contribution towards racial and social integration is a tremendous challenge. A lot of preparatory work has taken place at the CMDA that does not yet show on the ground. However a lot remains to be done," said Hari.

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