CMDA Sets Up Job Opportunities Bureau


The CMDA, in collaboration with the Department of Social Policy Programme at the Universtiy of Durban/Westville, has established a Job Opportunity Bureau (JOB) that will be responsible for co-ordinating the training of local community members and liaising between the Cato Manor Labour Committee and the contractors regarding jobs for Cato Manor projects.

"We will compile a list of skilled people who live in the area, as well as a list of emerging contractors. When a project is to be implemented, we will provide the contractor in charge with a list of appropriately skilled people. The contractor will liaise with the Cato Manor Labour Committee to ensure that recruitment of workers and sub-contractors is done fairly," said Brian Stewart, who will head up the JOB.

"We will also assess each project that comes up to determine what skills are needed to implement it. We will then organise training courses for residents to make sure that we have the right skills available for each project within Cato Manor," he said.

According to Brian, the JOB will start with a pilot project in January to train 55 bricklayers. Training for emerging contractors is also on the cards.

The establishment of the JOB is a boost for Cato Manor residents who are in dire need of training and empowerment, which will be achieved through accredited training and job opportunities. Community empowerment is one of the objectives of the CMDA.

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