One Household - One Tree


A tree planting ceremony was held at the Wiggins Housing Support Centre recently to celebrate the start of an ambitious project to provide 12 000 fruit trees for new households in Cato Manor.

The aim of the project is to create an attractive environment in the new housing projects. The trees will provide residents with fruit, shade and a healthy environment.

The recipients of the trees will be residents who are beneficiaries of the PHB subsidies and those that have developed sites. The project will be implemented in phases. The Wiggins Fast Track is the first area to be issued with the trees. The residents of the other areas of Cato Manor will receive their trees when their areas have been fully developed.

The total cost of the project, which is funded by the RDP and will be managed by the Durban Parks Department, is R441 337.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Obed Mlaba said: "The tree planting project should be seen as part of the transformation process that is happening around Cato Manor."

The trees include limes, mangos, oranges, litchies, avocado pears, peaches and guavas. Each household will receive one tree.

Residents of the Wiggins Fast Track who wish to obtain a tree should contact Roy Nayager at the Housing Support Centre with their ID books.

December 1997

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